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Cloud Services Operational
LEAP3 ? Operational
SingleHop API ? Operational
AI Infrastructure ? Operational
CHI-3 Veeam Cloud Connect ? Operational
PHX-1 Veeam Cloud Connect ? Operational
CHI-3 Zerto DRaaS Operational
PHX-1 Zerto DRaaS Operational
NYC-1 Zerto DRaaS Operational
Data Centers - Network and Power Uptime Operational
CHI-3 ? Operational
PHX-1 ? Operational
NYC-1 ? Operational
AMS-1 ? Operational
CT-1 ? Operational
Virtual Private Cloud Infrastructure Operational
CHI-3 Virtual Private Cloud Operational
PHX-1 Virtual Private Cloud Operational
NYC-1 Virtual Private Cloud Operational
Public Cloud Infrastructure Operational
CHI-3 Public Cloud Operational
AMS-1 Public Cloud Operational
Miscellaneous Systems Operational
Phone System ? Operational
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Major Outage
Scheduled Maintenance
PHX-1 VPC Internal Maintenance Jul 21, 19:00-20:00 CDT
Maintenance to be performed upon internal private distributed virtual switch for PHX-1 Virtual Private Cloud. No impact to production or internal management systems are expected.
Posted on Jul 19, 14:03 CDT
Engineers will be conducting critical software upgrades to network equipment in SingleHop’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) environment. These upgrades correct several software bugs and provide increased stability to the platform. During the window, two separate brief network outages are expected to occur totaling up to roughly 5 minutes of downtime to some dedicated private cloud environments.
Posted on Jul 19, 12:03 CDT
Past Incidents
Jul 21, 2017
Completed - The maintenance has been completed successfully. No further service interruption is expected.
Jul 21, 02:20 CDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Jul 21, 00:00 CDT
Scheduled - Engineers will be conducting impacting maintenance activities on a network aggregation zone. Servers in this zone will experience up to 10 minutes of connectivity loss on the public network during this maintenance.
Jul 12, 17:06 CDT
Jul 20, 2017
Resolved - Due to an unexpected hardware failure of the device being worked on during this evening's maintenance, we will be closing this window. A future maintenance will be scheduled to replace the device. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Services should be up and running at this time. If you need further technical assistance, please let us know by opening a new support case.
Jul 20, 23:03 CDT
Update - Greetings,

We are investigating unexpected connectivity issues as a result of the maintenance. Please stand by for further updates.

Thank you.
Jul 20, 22:42 CDT
Investigating - The scheduled maintenance for the CHI-3 Datacenter Private Network is starting now. There is no expected impact to service during the course of this maintenance.

Please stand by for further updates as they become available. Thank you!
Jul 20, 22:13 CDT
Jul 19, 2017
Resolved - Greetings,

The maintenance is now complete and we are closing this event out as completed.

If you need further technical assistance, please open a new case.

Thank you.
Jul 19, 00:01 CDT
Monitoring - Greetings,

The maintenance is complete and we are now monitoring to ensure service is operating normally.
Please stand by for further updates.
Jul 18, 23:02 CDT
Investigating - The maintenance involving will begin as scheduled at 10:00PM CDT. There may be up to 30 minutes outage for server private networking serviced by this switch.

Please stand by for further updates. Thank you!
Jul 18, 22:00 CDT
Jul 18, 2017
Resolved - Full functionality has been restored. Thank you for your patience.
Jul 18, 17:45 CDT
Monitoring - We have replaced the failed switch and are now seeing services restored. We are still working to fully verify functionality and will continue to monitor the device for any further issues.
Jul 18, 17:29 CDT
Identified - We're currently experiencing a public cabinet switch failure in and are working on a replacement of this device. Currently we have an ETR of 30 minutes. We'll update this post with any information as it becomes available.
Jul 18, 17:01 CDT
Investigating - We're currently analyzing a possible outage with servers located in Cabinet r12.c22. We will post more information regarding specifics and an Estimated Time to Repair (ETR) shortly.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.
Jul 18, 16:51 CDT
Jul 17, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 16, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 15, 2017
Resolved - The issue with the Chicago Veeam Cloud Connect service has been identified and resolved at this time. Jobs should now complete successfully next time they run. If you experience any issues related to this service, please contact our support team.
Jul 15, 13:49 CDT
Investigating - We have received alerts of connectivity issues affecting some clients using our Veeam Cloud Connect service in Chicago. Our team is investigating this issue at this time.
Jul 15, 13:32 CDT
Jul 14, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 13, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 12, 2017
Resolved - The public network switch is back online and service has been restored. If you need further assistance, please open a new support case so we can further investigate.

Thank you.
Jul 12, 23:01 CDT
Update - The switch is powering back up now and we are monitoring service to ensure complete restoration.

Please stand by for further updates. Thank you.
Jul 12, 22:47 CDT
Identified - The maintenance has begun. We will update shortly with more information as it becomes available.
Jul 12, 22:04 CDT
Investigating - Greetings,

The scheduled maintenance in AMS-1 A05.R01.B06 will begin at 10:00PM CDT. As mentioned in prior notifications, the expected public networking outage for this cab is up to 30 minutes.

We will provide more information as it becomes available. Thank you.
Jul 12, 21:42 CDT
Jul 11, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 10, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 9, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 8, 2017

No incidents reported.

Jul 7, 2017

No incidents reported.